AIMS Campus I and II offers the following courses for Matric System:

  • From grade I to X a high quality of academics is maintained throughout the session. Grade VIII students’ career counseling sessions helps them to decide thier group according to their interest, aptitude and future demand. Grade IX students are offered; Bio- sciences, computer sciences and commerce.



Pre- Junior Section (Campus I)

  • AIMS offers latest and innovative methods, which are the requirement of the most modern era education.

Nowadays, we have play group, Montessori, Prep Junior and senior classes and their courses are:

  • Language (Urdu, English)
  • EPL
  • Sensorial
  • Math
  • Culture
  • Islamiyat and Nazra



 Nazra classes and Namaz time

AIMS strongly focuses on Nazra and developing habit of offering namaz and for this purpose special periods are allocated in the routine timetable.


 Practical Islam Classes

Those students who complete their Hifz O Nazra are enrolled in the practical Islam classes where they are taught religious and daily life practices in the light of Islam and seerat-e- Tayyaba (S.A.W.W). Students from Grade VI onwards are the regular member of these classes.