Student code of conduct


  • Running, shouting or littering inside the school premises is not allowed.


  • The students are expected to bring their text books and note-books in accordance with their scheduled time-table daily. They should look after their belongings. The school will not be held responsible for lost property or for refunding of any sort.


  • Extra classes are sometimes conducted in the school premises for completion / revision of syllabus. These extra classes help the students to improve and achieve better grades in examinations, and are compulsory for students to attend.


  • Speaking in Language other than English in class or outside the class is not allowed. Regular fine will be imposed for breeching the rule.


  • Expensive Jewellery, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and other music / electronic devices of any type, video disc etc, are strictly prohibited. These items, if caught will be confiscated, and returned only at the end of the term, after payment of fine.


  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum etc is strictly prohibited in the classroom.


  • Writing anything on desks, chairs, walls etc, or breaking of furniture or classroom fixtures is considered an act of vandalism. This is punishable by detention or suspension. In addition, the cost of repair will be charged to the student responsible for the breakage.


  • Borrowing or lending of text books, exercise books, registers, stationery, calculator etc, during school time is strictly prohibited.


  • Fighting in class, corridors, washrooms, inside school premises or directly outside the school gates, (as it affects the safety of other students) is considered a serious breach of discipline. Detention incase found involved.


  • Cheating in exams, tests, homework, stealing or telling lies is considered a serious breach of discipline.


  • A serious offence may result in detention, suspension or even expulsion in certain cases.


  • The Principal’s decision in all Academic and Disciplinary matters will be final and binding on the students and their parents.


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