Kindergarten / Junior Section Assessment Procedure

A.I.M.S Management announces the Academic Policy for the session  2015 2016 according to which Ongoing / Continuous Assessment System will  be continued in the new session as well. The entire session is divided into Two Terms

  1. Term I
  2. Term II

Assessment / Test / Guidelines

At the end of every lesson / chapter / topic, there will be a class test of maximum 10 – 20 marks. Teachers may combine 2 small lessons or topics in a test whenever required.

Teachers  may  announce  the  test  date(s)  well  in  advance  by stamping the students’ diaries having mentioned subject, topic and  test date in it. In case of any unforeseen trouble or inconvenience  it may be announced 1 day advance.

If a child is absent on the test announcement day, his/her diary will be stamped the next day, but if he/ she would stay absent for two consecutive days, school should not be hold responsible for not  informing that child / parents.

If a test is postponed due to an unforeseen holiday, it may be taken day un-announced. No re-stamping will be done for this test, a  note in the diary will be sent for this change in date.

N.B: To prepare for an Assessment a student MUST thoroughly read and learn the complete lesson from the book and the copy work.

After checking and discussion, the test papers will be returned to the students. For the parents’ awareness,  again student’s diary will be stamped having mentioned ‘Subject’, ‘Topic’ and ‘The date of return’ on it. If you do not find the “Test Returned Stamp” please inform it to us in written within a week.

If your child does not receive the checked test paper till the 8 day of the last announcement date, kindly contact school promptly to enquire.

This is parents’ responsibility to keep these test / assessment papers safely in a file at home for a record.

Subject wise official data of every student is maintained regularly by the school that may be shown to the parents upon request only.

Students on long leave / ailment will be given a chance to appear in Retest but only 1 test for each subject will be arranged if he / she has missed more than 1 test of any subject.

Due to an ailment or another genuine reason if a child does not attend the regular classes and only comes to school for taking test / exam / assessment, school will arrange it within the school hour and on the same day only. But on this date / day child will be marked absent.

This facility may not be provided after 11:00am.

Absentee will be considered fail in that particular test.

Assessment Criteria and Marks Allocation

A  balanced  allocation  of  marks  is  essential.  A  final  coursework percentage  for  each  term  that  is  based  on  few  samples  of  students’ performance, work, and efforts does not provide a fair and sufficient representation of a students’ work. Therefore, we have planned to expand the assessment criteria for students which are as follows:

Assessments based on topics, lessons, chapters, units from the syllabus

­Class work ( work completed in class )

­Oral work ( Recitation of Ayat with translation , Hadith, poems ,Viva )

­Notebook/ Handwriting ( Neat and tidy presentation of work )

­Home Assignments and tasks (Any days routine homework can also be marked)

­Project work ( Work presentation , meeting deadline , relevance of material,  bibliography/  reference,  acknowledgment,  oral presentation of the project in class)



Term Reports

Child’s Term I and Term II  Reports will be compiled as mentioned below:

  • Term I Assessments marks = Term I Result
  • It’s 50% will be included in the assessment result

Term 1 result +term II assessment marks=accumlated result

50%  +  50%  =100