Home work:

We usually prefer giving reading, learning and practicing tasks as students home assignment; A child may complete them independently or with little of parental guidance.

Selective written home work may also be given as per need and for further improvement and reinforcement.

Students who remain absent from the school for any reason MUST Complete their pending work timely.

Parents may also come to copy down or collect their ward’s absent days’ work between 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm any day except Fridays / Saturday. Take a prior appointment for it.

Teachers or the school management is not responsible to complete or Cover the written / oral work of the Absentee. We may facilitate the child to do his / her pending work and teachers may check this as late work



 Home Assignment Diary:

Parents are advised to check and sign their wards’ diary andnote books regularly.

If parents wish to write a note in the diary for any teacher or the principal they may do so. You may also make a phone call to the principal for registering your complaint if you do not get a response of your written note.

Diaries are checked in the diary period; therefore you may not get

 If on the parents note ‘Seen’ is written that means your query or complaint has reached to the concerned person.

Teachers or the principal may respond in the form of a note Written in the child’s diary for their parents.

If the matter would be serious and urgent, the principal may like to see you personally at school.

For writing a note in the diary, kindly use pen or ball point. Avoid sending us note written with pencil.

The Home Assignment Diary has “Important Notes” Pages in it. They are for the Principal / Coordinator to write a note for parents   regarding any issue.