Hifz Section

AIMS have distinguished Tehfeez-ul-Quraan section both for girls and boys (Campus I and II). Transfer to Hifz section is possible after passing Grade II and after qualifying the Nazra test. During Tehfeez-ul-Quraan their academics classes for English and Math remain continue.



 Tehfeez-ul-Qur’an section with Matric/ O’Level:

  • Duration Hifz Programme under the supervision of expert Huffaz teachers where teacher student ratio is very ideal i.e. 1: 7 per group.
  • Fast track Hifz-e-Quran facility for competent students is provided.
  • Unique method of manzil/dohrai
  • During Hifz-ul-Qur’an bi-monthly, half yearly and annual evaluation exams and report compilation to make the hifz practice stronger and effective.
  • After Takmeel e Qura’n proper system of manzil dohrai (revision) is adopted.



Criteria for Admission in the Hifz Section

  • Child’s age should be eight (8) at the time of admission
  • Must have passed class II
  • Should be fluent in Nazra and must have proper knowledge of Qawaid.


  • Hifz students vacations schedule is different from that of academic sections.

Hifz section’s timings are from 7:55 am to 2:10 pm