Administrator’s Message:

In any child’s life school’s environment plays a significant role to develop his / her character and interpersonal skills. School is a mini representation of a society for a child. Teachers groom them and channelize their potentials towards the right direction. Parents are also an integral part of this teaching – learning process indirectly as what child learns at school reinforces at home or vise versa. Parents by supporting teachers can see their children growing into good human beings, good Muslims and the effective members of the global society.

Principal’s Message:

Time is speeding so fast, the ever changing demands of the modern era education are astounding. The world of inventions has taken a giant leap. Our youth is facing more challenges in the field of education among them is the imposition of English as a medium of expression and instruction. Students as well as parents find it very intimidating and difficult to impede this hurdle. I, as an educationist share a secret of success with my children and specially with their parents both if they desire to become proficient in written as well as spoken English, they ought to develop in their children reading habit. When they are toddlers parents should read books for them, when they begin schooling picture story books should be given in their hands and occasionally should be gifted books and taken to the library visits by the parents. In this manner they will have no problem inculcating this habit in their children. Learning a language is a slow and gradual process for which child should be pleasantly motivated. Parents and teachers are always great source of inspiration for a child. Parents should also develop the habit of reading in them if they are desirous of their child to learn this habit from parents. It will naturally come to them and this is how we can develop a learned society of modern and civilized people.