 Parents – Teacher Meetings (PTMs)

A.I.M.S. considers PTMs as the highly important occasions for the parents as well as the teachers.

  • Parents are strongly requested to attend these Pre-exams and post-exams meetings to get to know their ward’s progress. Parents’ presence in these meetings shows their care and concern for their wards.
  • We would appreciate if mothers appear at such occasions more often.
  • If both parents (Mother / Father) are unable to attend the PTM due to an extremely important piece of work and someone else is sent to attend the meeting or collect the result he / she may come with a proper application written and signed by parents and must bring with him / her child’s S.I.D card without which he / she may not be entertained.
  • In case of a discrepancy in the result, do inform the management promptly so that miscalculation or inaccuracy could be corrected within 3 days, no case will be dealt with later than the given days.


Visiting Hours

  • Following are the Parents Meeting timings with the Coordinator / Headmistress / Principal / Administrator. Other than the mentioned days and time, take a prior appointment to meet the Headmistress, Principal and Administrator also.
  • Tuesday: 9:00am to 11am,   Thursday:   11am to 1:30pm.